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Vintage Valley's mission is to curate confidence within women and girls. We hope that after shopping with us, you will be a little more excited to pick your fits of the day, send selfies, and slay on IG (be sure to tag us too 😉).

While you are shopping online or browsing in our Main Street store front, don't hesistate to ask for help picking out things that accentuate your body type, lifestyle, and budget.

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Vintage Valley Apparel started as a dream. Hope, owner of Vintage Valley Apparel wanted to start her own business that inspired beauty and made people feel valued. Along came the idea for the boutique. In 2022, business plans were made, branding was established, a store front was purchased and filled with the cutest clothes, and our grand opening was celebrated in July of 2022!

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Vintage Valley has it ALL

  • Women's Wear

    We stay up to date with the trendiest western women wear, that will make you want to send a fit check to everyone on your top friends list!

  • Men's Clothes

    We offer the latest mens apparel. Stay up to date with the trends and shop with us!

  • Gifts

    Need something special for the holidays or bdays? We've got a little something for everyone!

  • Accessories

    An outfit is never complete without accessories, and trust us, we've got ya covered sis!